PH Standard

Passive House is the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction: The energy saved on heating and cooling is 80-90 % compared to conventional construction. The energy requirement for heating or cooling is lower than 4.75 KBtu/(ft²yr), adding up to a low cost per month. High energy prices are no longer a concern for Passive House occupants.

Exceptionally efficient building components and a state of the art ventilation system, not only achieve great savings without compromising comfort but rather increasing it. The Passive House concept is a comprehensive approach to cost-efficient, high quality, healthy and sustainable construction.


  1. Radiant Temperature: The difference of the radiant temperature in all directions remain less than 9F
  2. Air Temperature: The room temperature stratification is less than 3.5F between head and feet of a sitting person.
  3. Air Speed and Turbulences: For speeds under 0.08 m/s, less than 6% of people will feel a draft.
  4. Humidity: Humidity levels depend on the seasons, but generally the relative humidity should be about 40% – 60%.